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Managing Certified Payroll Effectively

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on Sep 9, 2019 12:13:00 PM

Contractors working with federal contracts and federally-assisted projects are required to have a certified payroll. And this can mean needing a certified payroll specialist. 


A government construction project has several requirements such as building materials acquisition, compliance with building codes and regulations, and meeting a series of deadlines. And, in addition to vendors and suppliers being paid, so do workers. And this is where things can get complicated with a federally funded project. 

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California Labor Laws: Overtime Focus

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on Sep 2, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Few payroll issues can be as contentious and prone to disputes as overtime. This is why California employers must strive to be compliant with California Labor laws regarding overtime.


No one wants to unintentionally "cheat" an employee of pay that is due them. And few employers will knowingly short their workers when it comes to legitimate overtime pay. But it happens.

Being aware of the California labor laws, overtime pay laws in particular, can help employers avoid this.

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Spotlight On California Work Break Laws

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on Aug 26, 2019 2:11:00 PM

Even the most diligent employers can run afoul of California work break laws. Compliance trumps perceived efficiency in these cases.


California employers are often painfully aware that their state has some of the strictest employment laws in the U.S. And this includes California work break laws.

Managing and complying with the regulatory maze of California labor laws can be a challenge for most employers and their HR staff. Each year new employment laws are added to the books, while very few if any existing laws ever get removed. The result that workforce management functions become more confusing and frustrating for both management and staff.

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Paperless Payroll As A Business Savings Option

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on Aug 19, 2019 10:58:00 AM

Reducing costs and increasing cost-efficiency is a goal of every business. While knowing what to change can be difficult, opting for Paperless Payroll is a good place to start.

[This post was originally published in May 2017 and has been revised and updated.]

We’re over halfway through 2019 and the end of Q3 is around the corner. And, if you’re still sorting through paper time-sheets and even paper paychecks and pay stubs, there's hope! It’s not too late to transform your payroll process into a green and paperless payroll system this year.

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Be Clear On Enterprise Payroll

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on Aug 12, 2019 7:26:00 PM

Enterprise level businesses tend to have more complicated and complex payroll processing needs. But it doesn't have to be that way for their staff.


While there is no hard-and-fast rule defining what size an enterprise organization is, the research firm Gartner defines ‘midsize enterprises’ as “those organizations with 100 to 999 employees.” However, it’s safe to say that if you have over 100 or so employees you'll benefit from enterprise-level payroll solutions.

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