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4 Best Practices For Your Hiring Process

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on Jul 13, 2018 6:35:13 AM
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Improving economic indicators, lowering unemployment rates, and a notable surge in business growth and expansion means more hiring. But, for many companies, the hiring process could use some help.


In larger companies, the HR staff is often responsible for a number of the recruiting and hiring functions for new employees. While there are some aspects of these functions that are fairly universal and never really change, there are other aspects that should change or even be added to the process.

Customize Your Hiring Process

There should be more to your hiring procedures than simply acquiring likely suspects, conducting interviews, and then “throwing the dice” over two or three finalists. The investment and potential issues that are involved in hiring – and possibly replacing – a new employee demand a more insightful, strategic, and comprehensive approach.

Typically, the hiring process involves finding candidates, interviewing and vetting them, and making an offer.  However, not all companies are the same, and not all jobs in any one company are the same. It is rather apparent that the work environment and qualities needed to work in a manufacturing role are quite different than those for an accounts payable manager.

Yet, too many companies use the same hiring process for both positions.

To use the analogy of marketing a product, you must differentiate your target market segments and then tailor your marketing message for each segment. In a similar manner, a company should target their job recruiting efforts differently depending on the job and the requirements of the position.

Define Tangible and Intangible Qualities

A resume or skill set alone does not qualify a candidate as the best person for the job. There are too many other factors at play in making an ideal hiring decision. One of the best ways to screen potential candidates is to establish a simple matrix involving two separate factors: tangible and intangible qualities.

Tangible qualities are the job skills, work experience, and specific abilities that each candidate must possess to perform the work of the job being filled. Normally, these are measurable and quantifiable qualities that can be demonstrated, tested for, or documented in some form. These allow hiring managers to objectively screen and evaluate possible candidates.

Intangible qualities are harder to measure, but are just as critical as the tangible ones. They might involve so-called “soft skills” such as communication or teaching skills. They might be character or personality traits that are desired by the company in their employees, or beneficial for that particular position.

Intangibles are, by their very nature, more subjective and more difficult to define and identify. Yet, looking for and identifying these will help you select the ‘best fit’ for the job and the company.


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Hire for the Job – and Your Culture

It’s never enough to simply hire someone who can “do the job.” They must also be someone who will fit in well with the culture of your company. Skill and capability are critical, but if the new hire work well with the culture of your company, its leadership, values and work environment, it can lead to problems.

An article at  Business News Daily notes that,

Many employers understand the importance of hiring for cultural fit, and research shows that people who fit well into their companies express greater job satisfaction, perform better and are more likely to remain with the same organization for a longer period.

This means that you must have a strong sense of your company’s cultural dynamics and understand what makes for an ideal team member.

The same article shared this insight,

"We can teach someone to do a job. We can't teach someone to love the way we operate," said Lauren Kolbe, founder of Kolbeco, a brand media agency. "An employee who is not aligned with the culture and is not committed to living it can wreak havoc pretty quickly, even if they bring a great deal of skill and experience to their craft."

For the hiring manager, this means being able to articulate the values and practices that define your organization. The more you understand your own corporate culture, the more likely you will be to hire people who will succeed and thrive in your organization.

Use Video Technology

One way to improve the efficiency of your recruiting process is to use video technology as a tool in your recruiting and hiring workflow.

According to some sources, the average face-to-face interview is about 45 minutes, and an average phone interview takes almost 30 minutes. However, most managers know within the first five minutes or so whether the candidate before them is going to be a good prospect for the job and the company.

Unfortunately, this leads to numerous unnecessary interviews and wasted time and effort.  

However, incorporating video interviews can allow hiring managers to have the benefits of a face-to-face interview while taking up much less time overall. In addition, there are now video screening services that allow you to screen prospects before setting up an actual interview. These typically work by providing candidates with standardized questions.

Recruiting and Hiring is Vital to Your Business

It's a great time to start making adjustments or improvements to your current recruiting and hiring processes. In fact, this could be a perfect time to review them with the goal of updating and improving all your employee development practices.

In addition to a growing and demanding role in recruiting, hiring, and continually training employees, the HR management staff is responsible for other functions they are typically tasked with such as payroll management, tax filings, employee records compliance, and so forth.

Considering alternatives such as outsourcing is increasingly becoming a cost-effective and strategic option. Accuchex can help you in managing your HR needs, payroll processes, and staying on top of compliance demands. Get your Free Download: Payroll Outsourcing Guide to help you make an informed decision or call Accuchex Payroll Management Services at 877-422-2824.

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