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When Your Payroll Process Isn't Typical

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on Jul 13, 2017 9:07:00 AM
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Most businesses have a fairly basic payroll structure and needs. However, certain businesses find themselves with complicated payroll requirements that can be challenging.


Certain industries have specialized need when it comes to managing payroll and complying with the myriad of filing and reporting requirements in their field. This can create a number of issues for these organizations if things are not done correctly.

Dealing With Certified Payroll Reports

A unique aspect of certified payrolls is that they are often a subset of a company’s normal payroll and often pertaining to just one job, usually a government project.

Certified payroll reports are special payroll reports that contractors who work on public works or government funded construction projects must file on a weekly basis. This type of payroll requires a specialized process involving the input of a date and job code with each entry. This is used to generate a report, in a specified format, of hours worked and labor costs for a particular job.

The report presents data on a daily basis for a period of one week; multiple reports may occur within the same payroll cycle, and a single certified payroll report may span into two payroll dates. The certified payroll report Accuchex provides can include work classification, and it is in compliance with the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor, using their form WH-347.

Contractors must file the Federal WH-347 form, a state specific report, or submit them electronically using an online compliance monitoring unit, and what information is required.

7 points to consider about payroll in the construction industry

The certified payroll specialist must have the training and experience to deal correctly with the complications that abound in processing, reporting certified payrolls and overall certified payroll management. This involves, among other things, payroll input on a daily basis, job codes, pay codes and report parameters for extracting data for the correct reporting periods.

Certified payrolls must, of course, be handled within the context of all the normal requirements, such as state and federal tax deposits, quarterly and year end reporting, including preparation of W-2’s. And these requirements can be met at any time, even for a long-term employer who has never previously required certified payroll reports.

According to the TSheets website,

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that it will take 55 minutes to gather and compile the information for 8 employees on a single report… if you only have 8 employees and work on one job… that's roughly an hour a week that you'll have to spend in addition to generating the actual becomes more time consuming with the more employees that you have and/or the more jobs that you work on that require this type of reporting. It's also highly error–prone if you are creating them manually.

Campus Payroll for Private and Charter Schools

Campus payroll specialists at Private and Charter Schools must navigate unique responsibilities in regards to payroll and tax reporting requirements. Private schools operated under the auspices of religious organizations, or other educational entities, are usually treated just like any other employer for payroll purposes.

Charter schools, however, often operate under a limited jurisdiction of the local public school district, and often opt to be covered by the School Employer’s Fund for Unemployment Insurance. This important decision affects the calculations of Unemployment liability, tax deposit methods for all state payroll taxes and the quarterly reporting of payroll information to the school’s state of residence.

In fact, so specialized are the Charter school requirements, most payroll bureaus and software providers simply do not address these specific needs subjecting the school to penalties and fees for non-compliance.

Many charter schools have up to three separate State Identification Numbers. Some also are run by a Foundation which consolidates multiple schools under a single Federal Identification Number.


Staying Afield WIth Agricultural Payroll

With payrolls for agricultural entities, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has separate and distinct rules for these employers which necessitate special handling. Northern California is home to many agricultural businesses, such as vineyards, vineyard and winery combinations, vineyard management companies, dairies and nurseries.

These types of businesses have special reporting requirements and tax deposits for various industry structures. The IRS Form 943 (for agricultural employers) is filed annually, while other non-farming operations are reported quarterly.

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Filing with the government is often done under both methods for the same entity using a single FEIN. Year-end reporting must bring all this together matching totals on Forms W-2.

All of this is done while allowing for the tracking of wage limits of a single employee working in both the agricultural and non-farming area of the company. Requirements for reporting and tax deposits to state and other relevant agencies must likewise be met.

Accuchex – Payroll Specialists

Accuchex is a leading provider of Payroll Management Services in California – we provide full payroll management services in all 50 states.

A company’s responsibility toward their employees is to pay them accurately and on-time. That’s why Accuchex makes it easy to do payroll your way; by phone, fax or by accessing the proprietary cloud-based Time2Pay payroll management solution from Accuchex – anytime, anywhere.

Accuchex and its Time2Pay payroll management solution help you streamline business processes with the high-tech and high-touch services and support you want. Take the human error off the table through the integration of your Timekeeping, Human Resources, compliance reporting, accounting and insurance services.

And, through our extensive experience Accuchex has developed a deep level of expertise for Payroll Management Services in San Francisco, the North Bay, the South Bay, and East Bay areas.

When you are in search of any specific California Payroll Services you can depend on Accuchex for quality payroll and Workforce Management solutions, including Human Resources, compliance reporting, accounting, and insurance services.

From Basic Payroll to Specialized Payroll Needs

All companies have a responsibility to pay their employees correctly and on time each payroll cycle. This is easy to achieve with Accuchex Payroll Management Services and Time2Pay, our proprietary payroll management software and payroll processing software.

Accuchex has considerable experience and knowledge in processing and reporting certified payrolls. We have been a leading provider in certified payroll management services for many years. We have proven experience in payroll management services and you can expect the highest quality certified payroll management services from Accuchex.

Our Agricultural Payroll Specialists are alert to the causes of potential problems during new client set-up and payroll data entry. This awareness and the ability to take immediate corrective action gives Accuchex a unique advantage in handling agricultural payrolls. When you are searching for California agricultural payroll services, Accuchex should is your best choice.

You can also count on the Accuchex team’s extensive knowledge base and 25 years of experience to design and implement efficient processes and procedures to proficiently handle your Campus Payroll no matter which tax requirements may apply.

Accuchex knows the questions to ask and can provide the guidance to assure that your Campus’s payroll is implemented correctly. Ask about how we can help your new school correctly register with the appropriate state agencies depending on the specific operational choices.

Accuchex is your trusted partner and at handling payroll deductions for school employees, such as:

  • PERS
  • STRS
  • S403b
  • S457b
  • S125

Your Reliable Payroll Management Service

As a business owner or payroll manager you have a number of options for your payroll functions. Software that can be installed in-house, or cloud-based programs offer a good alternative. But if you really want to take full advantage of the benefits available to you, outsourcing to a provider like Accuchex can still be the best decision.

Reliability, full-service options, and reputation are the hallmarks of a quality payroll management service provider. If you are currently looking to invest in outsourcing you get your Free Download: Payroll Outsourcing Guide to help you make an informed decision or call Accuchex Payroll Management Services at 877-422-2824.


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