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Top Four Recruiting and Hiring Trends for 2015

Posted by Tristan Ruhland on Nov 26, 2014 9:30:00 AM

4-top-recruiting-and-hiring-trends-for-2015-postFor HR professionals looking to gain insight into the recruiting and hiring trends for the upcoming year, LinkedIn recently released its fourth annual Global Recruiting Trends Report.

The report predicts recruiting global recruiting trends for 2015.  Covering 31 countries and based on the responses of over 4000 recruiting leaders, LinkedIn says of the report, “The most noticeable changes have come across in the way recruiters are resourced, where they find quality hires, and how they promote their talent brand.”

HR managers, recruiters, and department managers within organizations all play an integral part in the ongoing recruiting and hiring processes of a company. Staying abreast of changes and anticipating new best practices are hallmarks of an effective team.

Four Recruiting and Hiring Trends for 2015

While much of the data collected reflects global changes and trends, the majority of respondents were from the US and Canada.

Four of the most significant trends:

 1. In 2015, recruiters will have bigger budgets and hiring volumes. “It could be a sign of the global economy heating up or recruiting getting more respect and priority as a function within companies,” says LinkedIn. As always, when more companies are hiring, the pool of talented candidates generate greater competition among employers.

 2. Social networks are becoming a predominant tool for promoting a company's talent brand. Your talent brand is the highly social, totally public version of your employer brand that incorporates what your employee thinks, feels, and shares about your company as a place to work.The top corporate career sites feature employees sharing what it’s like to work there. Although company career sites remain the top channel, social networks are quickly outpacing these. 

3. Professional social networks such as LinkedIn are primary sources for hires. “The top sources of quality hires have shifted in the past 4 years.” according to the report. The top sources today for finding top talent are online job boards and professional social networks. This is a shift from just four years ago when it was referrals within a personal network.

4. “Companies aren’t capitalizing on the large passive talent pool.” One of the most significant statistics from the report indicated that only 61% of global organizations have a strategy for recruiting passive candidates, i.e. those not actively looking for new positions - which make up 75% of professionals. That’s leaves a very large, untapped market of talent.


 (Courtesy of LinkedIn Talent Solutions)

An HR Professional's Work Is Never Done

Each year brings a multitude of issues to be considered such as new tax laws, payroll management practices, and compliance demands. In addition, HR professionals must be prepared to assist in educating their fellow managers in the latest in best practices for recruiting and hiring.

Many processes and functions of a business can be outsourced, however, and having a reliable resource such as Accuchex is essential for that purpose. 

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