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Researching Time Clock Solutions: The Pros and Cons

Posted by Tristan Ruhland on Aug 3, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Accurate timekeeping is essential for creating an accurate payroll. For construction contractors, timekeeping has additional importance.


We've all seen examples of how important it is to submit accurate and certified payroll statements when undertaking civil contracts.  Recording hours worked by which employees and where is vital.

Beyond that, it is a basic component of your business's operations: tracking when your crew is working is important for payroll as well as for keeping contracts on schedule. Choosing the right method for how your staff will clock in and out may require only a little research to determine the best solution.

Accuchex provides contractors with several different time clock solutions from which to choose. Each option has advantages based on your company’s specific needs. Choosing one of these reliable time clock systems for tracking time and attendance makes maintaining accurate records easier. Integrating your new or existing time clock system into Accuchex's Time2Pay software yields large benefits both in terms of time saved and as well as error reduction too. This drastically reduces the human error introduced when re-keying data between the system and another computer. To help you determine which time clock solutions would be best for your business, consider the highlights of each choice below.

Badge swipe or PIN entry time clocks

Perhaps one of the most common types of time clock systems, these clock units require identity cards, badges, or personal identification numbers issued to employees. When the employee’s shift begins, an employee on your crew would “clock in” by either keying in their PIN or swiping the card to begin the work day. The procedure is repeated as they “clock in” and “clock out” at the end of the work day. These clock units can easily be used and transported between multiple job sites. Internet connectivity provides instant transmission of data offering increased visibility to supervisors and managers offsite.


  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Simple operation creates ease of use for employees
  • Connectivity options provide an easy path to consistent recordkeeping and increased visibility for managers.


  • Could be susceptible to time theft if workers share badges or PIN codes
  • Swipe cards can be lost, requiring administrative time to replace.

Biometric scan time clocks

A time clock unit equipped with a biometric scanner may be the smarter and better choice. Buddy punching — when one employee punches the clock for another employee — can be a serious problem and lead to time theft and overpayment of actual time worked. To remove that temptation altogether, a biometric scanner is often the best choice for employers who want more protection. Because Biometric clock units rely on the individual employees’ fingerprint no employee can punch the clock for someone else. This clock option is ideal because once mounted at its permanent location and connected to its Ethernet connection, punch times are instantly recorded and available for review on the web. 


  • Provides business owners with confidence in the accuracy of the employees’ punches
  • Prohibits employees from committing time theft and punching out for other employees
  • Internet-enabled features make data review and retrieval easy


  • Potential for higher initial setup cost
  • Requires employees to enrol fingerprints for identification; such sensitive information must be handled carefully

Online web-enabled time clocks

With the increasing interconnectedness of the world — and a smartphone in practically everyone's pocket — it makes sense to offer web-enabled time clock options. Online time clocks offer a new level of convenience and fidelity of data over more traditional options. While not as secure from time theft as biometric scanners (someone might choose to share a login password, for example), they provide many benefits. To increase security, you may choose to record a GPS location each time an employee uses the time clock. Access is available on the web from any Internet-enabled device, including phones and tablets.


  • No need to clock in at one physical location; clock in or out between multiple job sites
  • Web features make data review and retrieval easy and accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Once data is reviewed and approved, the time file can be integrated directly into Time2Pay
  • Easy to learn and create bookmark shortcuts on employees’ devices


  • Limited device battery life could complicate timekeeping in the field
  • Not as secure from time theft

Weigh your time clock choices carefully

These and other options, such as proximity badges, are all viable choices depending on the nature of your business. Choosing the correct time clock for your contracting crew is largely a matter of selecting and implementing the setup offering the most security and convenience. Whether you plan to transport a clock from site to site or keep a centralized clock unit, choose the method that enables the most accurate and painless recordkeeping practices. The right time clock allows for tracking of time worked down to the minute, saving you money and reducing clerical errors. With the additional ability for employees to use the self-service functionality, they can review their own pay cards, submit time off requests, etc. Accuchex time management solutions put the power to control your timekeeping and payroll directly in your hands.

Accuchex is an experienced provider of time clock solutions of all types of businesses and can offer assistance and advice in choosing the ideal approach. Regarding setup and ease of operation, all the above units provide a convenient "plug and play" solution that will work for your firm and mesh easily with Time2Pay or another payroll platform software. It only takes a few minutes of setup to change the way you track hours worked across your job sites. When it concerns the accuracy of your payroll and the prevention of time theft, investing time, energy, and funding into the right time clock solution is simply good sense.

Have any questions regarding time clock solutions or the best time clock system for your business, follow this link to register for a free Time and Attendance solutions demo or contact us at (415) 883-7733.
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