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Employee Time Clocks For Efficient Payroll Management

Posted by Tristan Ruhland on Sep 16, 2014 7:19:00 AM

time-clocks-effective-payroll-managementPayroll management can be a nightmare, especially if you have ever sifted through time sheets on a Monday morning to determine the payroll for the prior week. You know the headache that entails, as it is not uncommon to spend 3 hours to a half a day sorting through timesheets, and trying to read illegible handwriting.  Not to mention, putting aside time sheets that managers forgot to sign or hunting down lost time sheets.  You know the importance of getting the time correct in order to pay your employees correctly.  That is why you spend the extra effort trying to get the numbers right in the first place or you will risk the chance of underestimating payroll and unhappy employees. 

Efficient Payroll Management using time clocks

Sure, once you sort out all of the time sheets, entering the data into an Excel spreadsheet helps you to make sense of what you are looking at for payroll.  Yet, entering the data still takes time, not to mention sorting and calculating it after you are finished.  Then once you are finished, you have to forward to your payroll department or payroll management company to finalize the checks and all the other incidentals that come along with that. 

There is a better way. You call it, "effective payroll management through employee time clocks."  You probably avoided installing a time clock because the expense of installing not only the time clock but also all of the wiring and networking that goes along with this.  What you do not know is that employee time clocks have come along way from the days of the clunky time clocks that employees punch an employee number to clock in.   These time clocks needed an outside firm, at a high price to install.

Today, time clocks are much easier to install and often all you need is a little labor to install onto the wall and a wireless network.  In no time, you can have payroll management humming along with an employee time clock that only needs the fingerprint of the employee to clock in.

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Payroll Management Companies and Time Clocks

If you are working with a payroll management company, and they have not suggested to you that they can help you to install time clocks, you need to call them now and ask if they offer this service. If not, or you have never considered a payroll management company, it is time to find a company that offers this option.  You may want to consider a company that has the flexibility and that one on one personal relationship that you come to expect.

More importantly, your point of contact should be able to get you up in running soon, train you on the employee time clock and spend less time processing time sheets. In fact, some employee time clocks export all the data where you can pull the information online and export to a spreadsheet helping you better manage your labor costs.  In addition, you no longer will need to email that information to your payroll department or payroll management company, as they will have the same access to the information as you do.

There is no doubt; the key to effective payroll management is installing an employee time clock. Come Monday morning, your processing time will easily drop from a half a day to no more than an hour of your time.   The time is now; call a payroll management company to help you with this.  It is easier than you think. 

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