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4 Top Benefits Of Great Onboarding

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on Apr 9, 2019 7:25:00 AM
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Most employers intuitively understand that good onboarding practices benefit their new hires. But there are many who are unaware of the direct benefits to the organization that are a result of great onboarding.



One of common misconceptions about onboarding of new hires is that it is simply "new employee orientation" or employee training. While both of these are vital they do not, in themselves, constitute onboarding. In fact, they are simply critical components of a comprehensive onboarding process.

"Welcome Aboard, Mate!"

The key element in understanding effective onboarding is that it is not simply a stand-alone task, like training, but it is a process that integrates a number of tasks and procedures. An article at process software firm Tallyfy notes one of these distinctions,

"Training involved the technicalities of the job such as how to complete tasks and how to use any necessary equipment. Training teaches employees the basics of how to successfully do their job.

Employee onboarding is where companies target what your new employees will feel, see, and hear after the hiring process. Training has a role in this process but doesn’t represent the full scope of employee onboarding. Onboarding involves integrating with other employees, management, and the corporate culture. Ideally, training and onboarding will complement one another to be successful."

In addition to training, there should be any necessary new employee orientation and an introduction to co-workers and relevant management staff. But this is simply the start of what should be a well-planned and lengthy process that is designed to ensure every new hire is effectively integrated into their position, the company and the culture of the organization.

Many businesses struggle with "best practices" when it comes to onboarding so we put together this graphic highlighting the top best tips for an effective onboarding process.



Top Four Benefits of a Great Onboarding Process

It is possible to list dozens of benefits of employee onboarding for both the employee and the organization that engages in it effectively. In fact, according a study published in 2015 in the Academy of Management Journal looked at 264 new employees during the first 90 days of employment. It was determined that, among other things, this period is,

"[P]ivotal to building rapport with the company, management and coworkers. When support levels were high from the team and leaders, new hires often had more positive attitudes about their job and worked harder."


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Experience and numerous studies illustrate that a structured onboarding program is critical for this to occur. According to another study, this one by the Wynhurst Group, it was found that when employees experience a structured onboarding process, they are 58 percent more likely to remain with the organization beyond three years.

So, what are those top four benefits?

Attract Top Talent
An effective onboarding process for new employees reduces uncertainty, creates an environment of support, and shows employees that they are valued. These are all attributes employees look for in an organization.

Employee Engagement
Research has shown that employee engagement is one of the top factors that contribute to employee's satisfaction and productivity.

Increased Communication
Another benefit is that a comprehensive onboarding process provides a structure and setting for new employees to ask questions.

Higher Retention Rate
Many studies have been done on the high costs of frequent employee turnover. Yet, it as been also shown that something as simple as a good onboarding process can reduce turnover and increase retention.


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There are, of course, many other benefits which have touched on in previous posts. Suffice it to add here that an additional benefit worth noting is a decreased time to productivity. In other words, a real benefit of a good onboarding process is that new hires can "ramp up" to speed in their positions quickly so they can start making a contribution sooner.

Get Expert Help for Your HR Management

Employee development and engagement, building company culture and workforce management can all be part of the responsibilities of a company's HR staff. And oftentimes the tasks and demands can seem overwhelming. This is where having an alternative for your HR management can be highly beneficial.

Another key step in maintaining HR workload, while increasing your company's cost-effectiveness, is to consider outsourcing. A professional agency such as Accuchex can provide much-needed help with Human Resources needs and questions.

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