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HR Managers And New Hire Onboarding

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on Jan 8, 2019 6:50:00 AM

Many organizations bring on new employees at the start of a new year and the process can be both exciting and overwhelming for the new hire. But it can be a challenge for management, as well, because onboarding effectively and successfully requires planning and intention.


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Video For Your Recruiting And Hiring Process [Tips]

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on Oct 9, 2018 6:50:00 AM

The competition for new talent, and for attracting and retaining high-value employees, is becoming difficult. And smart HR and hiring managers will use the most effective tools available.

As anyone who has been tasked with finding the right candidate for their organization knows, the process is sometimes extremely challenging and time-consuming. As the unemployment rate continues to decline the pool of desirable job talent is becoming smaller.

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The Real Costs Of Employee Turnover

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on Aug 27, 2018 8:40:57 AM

Keeping business costs down is a primary function of management in any organization. But some costs are not easily recognized, such as employee turnover, and these costs can hurt a business that isn't actively managing them.


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Be Clear On The Rising Costs Of Employee Turnover

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on Jul 19, 2018 8:23:32 PM

Business owners are always striving to keep costs down while looking to generate greater profits. But one of the areas of cost that is often miscalculated is the cost of employee turnover. And it is greater than you think.

According to work management company Wrike, employee turnover is costing U.S. companies over $160 billion a year. And Harvard Business Review notes that high performing employees can deliver up to 400 percent more than the average co-worker. Consequently, the loss of a high performing worker can vastly increase the costs that result from their departure.

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Onboarding New Hires

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on Jun 12, 2018 9:20:09 PM

Many companies have a process for bringing new hires on board their organizations. Unfortunately, many others do not. And, in fact, these businesses diminish their own employee retention because of it.

An onboarding process for new hires is often approached as cursory task, involving little more than setting up a work station and taking a quick tour around the work place. But onboarding, done properly, can provide a great opportunity to ensure long-term employee retention, and speed the transition process.
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