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Re-Evaluating Your Time And Attendance Systems

Posted by Tristan Ruhland on Mar 15, 2016 9:30:00 AM

re-evaluating-your-time-and-attendance-systems-postSuperior time and attendance solutions are designed with busy owners and managers in mind. Simple time keeping solutions that are easy to set up and effortless to manage allow business professionals to focus on thier business.

Is Your Company's Time and Attendance Process Working for You?

A simple timekeeping solution is one that offers practical functionality from beginning to end. The convenience of automated timekeeping will dramatically reduce the administrative work involved in collecting and calculating employee hours.

Up-to-date timekeeping solutions offer a variety of options for collecting employee data, which all send your employees’ punches to the web for simple editing and reporting by your supervisors. Data can be sent either through a standard phone or fax line (analog) or with a digital (Ethernet) connection. 

You can also have a choice of data collection methods including the Web, badge cards, PIN numbers, fingerprints, etc., creating an automated system for tracking and calculating each of your employee’s time cards.

Benefits of a Good Time Keeping System

Managing your employees’ hours is a critical part of controlling your business operating costs. A good time keeping system will:

  • Enforce uniform policies for breaks, meals, and overtime and eliminate wasted labor minutes from employees rounding punches.
  • Pay employees for actual minutes worked by accurately tracking late arrivals and early departures thereby increasing labor force productivity.
  • Help cut administrative hours spent manually calculating total hours; avoid simple mistakes in totaling employee time sheets.
  • Automatically adjusts for Over Time (O.T.) carryovers from prior periods – automated time tracking reduces the cost of labor and saves money.
  • Ability to log in from any work station to easily view, edit and manage the data on-line, anytime.
  • Eliminate employee time theft from “Buddy Punching” with the available Bio-Metric fingerprint option.
  • Allow employees to view time sheets, request time off and record edits electronically, reducing time spent by management and HR staff.
  • Track labor specific to individual jobs, shifts, temporary work assignments, or other overrides of normal work.

Time and Attendance Management Requires Reporting

Selecting a reliable timekeeping management solution must include the consideration of available reports. Although the core function of a timekeeping system is to capture and relay employee punch data for payroll processing, having effective and insightful reports allow supervisors to better understand and manage their workforce.

A superior system offers a variety of key report types, with each report giving you the ability to filter and sort how the data will be displayed. Because of this filtering capability with each report type, there are many potential reporting views that can be created.

It is very important to recognize that timekeeping settings and captured data can vary greatly from company to company. The critical function of the timekeeping system is to gather, organize and report whatever data it is that you are attempting to capture.

A partial list of valuable reports includes:

  • Daily Auto Email Report
  • Labor Report: Employee Job Detail
  • Single Day Report
  • Labor Report: Employee Job Totals
  • Summary Report
  • Labor Report: Job/Department Totals
  • Employee Setup
  • Detail Report

Taking Advantage of the Latest in Time and Attendance Solutions

For example, the approach Accuchex takes is to analyze each company and design a time and attendance solution based on company size, scheduling complexity, access for managers and remote users and any other factors that may be specific to an individual company.

All of our recommended time and attendance solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with our proprietary Time2Pay payroll management solution. This full system integration eliminates the possibility of human error while keying time entries, as well as saving you the time and money involved with labor intensive data entry. 

In addition, Accuchex offers a variety of time clock solutions – from online time clock systems (web clock) all the way through full biometric systems. Our most basic solution, the web clock, accessible from any internet connected computer or smartphone, is a great solution for remote employees. The availability of numerous time and attendance variations – with swipe cards or biometric scanning capabilities – allows Accuchex to customize a solution that fits your needs. A full biometric clock eliminates the possibility of buddy punching; making sure employees are at work before they clock in. All data is stored on the server and is accessible for managers to review at any point through the day. Other features include monitoring statuses using daily email notifications as well as full audit trail capabilities.

Every time and attendance solution that Accuchex offers has full capability of tracking job codes and various tasks. As well as assisting in labor distribution needs Accuchex time and attendance solutions have full scheduling capabilities. Save various schedules for future use, no more reinventing the wheel, maintain a scheduling library for future use.

Already have a Point of Sale system that handles your time and attendance? No problem, Accuchex probably already integrates to it. If not, we can easily set up to transfer directly to payroll. In addition to POS integration Accuchex and usually handle any clock you already own and use.

The employee self-service functionality allows employees to view and track their time cards, even edit if given the capabilities. Managers can take advantage of the smartphone app to quickly see at a glance who is clocked in or out.

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