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Is There Such a Thing As Easy Payroll Software?

Posted by Tristan Ruhland on Sep 18, 2014 8:38:00 AM

easy-payroll-software-novato-caIs There Such a Thing As Easy Payroll Software? With the employees being the key to their business’ success, medium or large business owners have a great deal to think about on a day to day basis - one of the most complex duties of a business owner is the monthly, or even weekly, payroll.

While easy payroll may seem like a far off dream for business with ten or more employees, it actually is a possibility.

What to look for in easy payroll software

Payroll software plays a crucial role in the smooth running of the medium sized business. There are several key elements to an easy payroll system software and, as a business owner, you need a service that offers them all:

  • Secure, SSL encryption
  • Cloud-based service so it can be accessed from anywhere
  • Record keeping for several years
  • No additional equipment or update requirements
  • Technology that does the hard work for you
  • Immediate processing and easy printing

Being able to find all of these elements of easy payroll solution within a family run business is just an added benefit, and using a self-contained, family-run company like Accuchex, who specialize in providing high-quality, customer-focused services for easy payroll, will allow you to concentrate on your own business, saving you a lot of time, effort and money. You are not only reassured that all of your comments, questions, and concerns are dealt with by the same team that undertakes your monthly payroll. You are also able to build up a relationship with the company, and they, in turn, understand your company's individual needs, making easy payroll a dream coming true.

Easy Payroll Software: It's not just about paying employees

With regard to payroll management, you will know that easy payroll does not end once your employees are paid. There is also the matter of tax to consider. Some companies choose to deal with their own tax, believing that this will save them money in the long term. However, a simple mistake or miscalculation can be costly. There are late fees, penalties and interest payments to be considered if you take this approach. The alternative is to let your payroll company take care of it. This way you know what you are paying up front, and you have the comfort of knowing that your tax returns are in the hands of experts.

Easy Payroll Software: Connecting the dots

A holistic approach to your business may have been suggested to you in the past. The benefit of this approach is that it allows you to easily see the whole picture.

If you are considering an easy payroll option, like that offered by Accuchex, then it is only a short step away from the holistic strategy mentioned above. By allowing your payroll company to take over areas such as time managing and attendance, you streamline your processes and save money over the long term. If you add to these processes your human resources needs, you can gain support in screening potential employees and in ensuring you are compliant and up to date with all labor laws. Choosing a company that runs their HR services as part of a cloud-based system means that you can work with your service provider easily and without the constant need for emails, calls or letters. All-round, easy payroll service means that you simply upload your information while your service provider processes it.

It can be difficult to let go and know when you need to let others take over. However, it is almost a necessity in current, fast-paced business environment. Knowing that there are companies out there that have years of experience and good customer relationships makes the decision to delegate that bit easier.


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