California Labor Law Posters

All employers are now required to display mandatory state and federal labor law posters... 

Due to the ever-changing climate of labor law posting requirements, Accuchex has created a new and enhanced Labor Law Poster service to assist you in staying compliant, and to help you avoid Government imposed fines, penalties and potential lawsuits.

This enhanced service includes:

  1. Initial up-to-date, space-saving laminated Labor Law Poster. The poster includes required state and federal labor law notices in the mandated format. 
  2. Receive an E-update when changes are made to any Labor Laws.
  3. Receive an updated State and Federal Labor Law Poster, every year on the anniversary of the subscription.
  4. The cost for this initial plus updated poster during the year is available to all Accuchex customers for a nominal annual fee of $89, shipping and handling included.

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