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5 Benefits of Automated Timekeeping Systems

Posted by Tristan Ruhland on Apr 14, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Do you realize that manual timekeeping systems actually cost you more money than using automated timekeeping systems?

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Yes, as a business owner you just have to take in to consideration the amount of labor hours that are wasted when employees are manually clocking in for work to start realizing the cost to your business...

Then there is the time your payroll clerk spends preparing, reconstructing, verifying and computing time card totals. You may not even want to think about inaccuracies you don’t know about that cost you even more money. I think we can agree that automated timekeeping systems are better than manual ones. The question is how the benefits will change your business for the better. 

Seamless Transition from Manual to Automated Timekeeping Systems

An automated timekeeping system isn’t hard to use. Therefore, you can train your entire payroll personnel how to use the system. In fact, the system allows you to set your policies once and it does the rest. Your computer makes the calculations for you. This applies to your policies regarding overtime pay, holiday pay, shift differential and pay rate setting.

The system is also easy to use when editing and making corrections. Employees will forget to clock in or make a mistake when doing so. An automated timekeeping system provides you with early notification and gives you a chance to make the edits and corrects when they happen and not days later.

Automation Will Support Higher Productivity

Businesses that use an automated timekeeping system have an increased productivity rate. Human Resource employees spend less time trying to track down employees:

  • Double check time.
  • Create records.
  • Calculate time.

Instead of wasting their time, employees use their work hours doing more important tasks.

Five Benefits of Implementing an Automated Timekeeping System

There are a number of advantages that can come from installing and using an automated timekeeping system. Here are the top five benefits with some explanation of each:

1. Streamline Pay Systems

There is no doubt that one or more employees in your business is receiving a salary. In fact, you could have various employees receiving hourly, daily or monthly wages. With a manual system, this creates havoc for your payroll staff. For example, it may be hard for your HR department to properly calculate the various grades or systems. Automated timekeeping systems eliminate discrepancies and inaccuracies without wasting valuable resources and time.

2. Alters Employee Habits

You have the best employees. However, every employee is prone to leave early, arrive late or frequently add or delete time. Automated timekeeping systems actually cut down on these types of activities.

3. Decrease the Impact of Absences

Your payroll personnel are just like other employees. They take vacations, sick leave or have other types of absences. The difference is your payroll personnel is an important part of your business. When they aren’t at work, every employee is impacted from when time goes in to who fills in for the missing personnel. Automated timekeeping systems keep the payroll department running smoothly.

4. No re-entering Information

A manual timekeeping system requires your payroll staff to continuously re-enter employee data into your payroll system. Automated timekeeping systems do not. This means that you employee time data is more moved into the payroll system without any extra steps.

5. Compliance

It may happen. Your business is audited by the Internal Revenue Service, IRS. Thankfully, automated timekeeping systems help your business keep up with labor laws, regulations and employee hourly data more than manual timekeeping systems. The audit process runs smoother than it would otherwise. Even if your business never faces an audit, it’s good to have payroll system that can do internal audits.

Working Smarter, Not Harder Through Automation

Imagine how much money and employee time you can save by using an automated timekeeping system. It is more efficient than a manual one. Also, the system has many other benefits ranging from helping with possible IRS audits to keeping everything running smoothly in the payroll department. Please contact us at (415) 883-7733 if you have any questions. For a complimentary demonstration of our automated timekeeping systems please click here.   

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