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HR Management Trends In 2017

Posted by Leslie Ruhland on May 26, 2017 5:59:23 PM

Towards the end of each year, the experts sound off on what they deem to be the coming trends in their industry. HR management is no different, and predictions were made for 2017. So what really is trending?

While many of these trends are real, measurable and making headway, only time will tell what trends will persists and what practices fall to the wayside. A good example of the latter was the "open office" move that was intended to foster collaboration and enhance workplace communication. Except that no one really liked working that way. 

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The Cost Of Hiring Employees In California [Infographic]

Posted by Tristan Ruhland on Nov 10, 2016 8:21:24 AM

California is famous for many things. But being one of the least expensive places to run a business is not one of them. In fact, the opposite is true.

Being an employer in California is a challenging venture. And managing the costs involved in hiring employees can seem prohibitive, as well. With increased family leave, paid sick leave, and other costly benefits - not to mention an ever-increasing minimum wage scale - it is a daunting task to make a business cost effective and profitable.

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Trends In HR Management For 2017

Posted by Tristan Ruhland on Oct 27, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Technology will play a large role in HR Management trends going into 2017. The focus, however, will be on people and transforming the workplace.

According to a new report from Josh Bersin, Principal at Bersin by Deloitte, trends in HR will emphasize empowerment, the employee experience, and creating a more human workplace. These are the main themes in his new report, HR Technology Disruptions for 2017: Nine Trends Reinventing the HR Software Market, released on October 4, 2016.  

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Labor Law Compliance and Steering Clear of Employee Lawsuits

Posted by Tristan Ruhland on Aug 16, 2016 9:30:00 AM

The regulatory maze of labor laws can be complex.  And as the core of your HR management functions it can also be confusing for both you and your employees.

There issues such as hiring practices, employee classification, and wage requirements that necessitate time to research so you can ensure proper compliance.

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Proposed CA Labor Laws: Criminal History And Employment

Posted by Tristan Ruhland on Mar 29, 2016 9:30:00 AM

There is now the possibility of new CA labor laws limiting an employers ability to consider criminal background information when hiring.

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